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Ju-jitsu Training

Sensei Ashbery & Sensei Atkinson

Our friendly club teach traditional ju-jitsu working on syllabus training and general off syllabus techniques. the vast variety of techniques means Ju-jitsu is the best form of self defence.

Weapons Training

Traditional Ju-jitsu weapons like the infamous Samurai’s Katana. As well as the traditional Bo, Jo. Weapon katas are great for demonstrations.

At Poole Ju-jitsu club we teach defence techniques against knifes, bottles, bats/sticks etc.

Fitness Training

You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to be strong. Getting ready for a grading or competition Ju-jitsu improves your all round general wellbeing & fitness. Ju-jitsu is great for women and children.

Poole Ju-jitsu Club

Fun facts

  • PJJC has one of the highest graded instructors in the south.
  • PJJC has created 12 black belts since 1997. 
  • PJJC has created British Ju-jitsu champions.
  • PJJC has created United Nations champions.
  • PJJC has created three female black belts.
  • PJJC has had 3,500 training session since 1997.

At PJJC we offer a No contract, No cancelation fees and easy monthly payment mat fees.

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