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  1. Cool Blog for members, I train 3 to 4 times a week and put in 100% every time. Ju Jitsu for me is about continuous improvement whenever I step on the mat. I’m currently working on my black belt syllabus and love drilling my 25 throws & sets of 6 techniques which makes 36 separate techniques to drill. I’ve started the counter throws and hope to add these to my current work routine.

  2. Lockdown 3! Really disappointed we can’t train right now. I miss the intense pace of our sessions. Can’t sit around doing nothing though so I’ve picked up my running. Even treated myself to new trainers. My goal is to improve my overall fitness and stamina (and lose a few pounds) so that when I get back to training I’ll be able to pick up where we left off. Hope we can get back on the mat soon.

  3. Lockdown 3. News that the government will ease restrictions from March 2021 seems a long long way, But I will keep running, garden exercise, Cycling, and were possible some form of training. Keep posting the training videos, everyone.

  4. Missing the club! Been practicing katas today. Going back to basics and trying to perfect each individual move – I feel I should be better than I am so I’m going to dedicate a bit more time to this.
    It’s great to see videos of the juniors practicing their katas at home – the dedication they show to their training even while the club is closed is brilliant.
    Can’t wait to get back!

  5. Great to hear everyone’s efforts in training during the lockdown. I find Kata work difficult to be motivated to do every week. Really need to focus on more fitness before we get back to normal. #jujitsu #training #lockdown #fitness #covidsafe

  6. It was very good session today. Thank you Sensei for spending some time with me and explaining/showing me the ways I could save my energy instead of just wrestling…
    Domo arigato gozaimasu Sensei

  7. Had a great session running through my 1st Dan syllabus and loved it. I’m used to drilling my throws and set techniques but this was the first time we’d included other parts of the syllabus. Have to say I was shattered – that was tough. Struggling doesn’t put me off though. Just makes me want to train harder!

  8. Last night was the first adult session following lockdown easing! Great to see people back on the mat training hard. Back to the usual beastings every Tuesday and Thursday – bring it on PJJC. Love this club!

  9. Spent the entire morning at the club. First on the agenda was the ladies’ fitness class. Took them through a tough pyramid session – was great. Not sure they’ll be thanking me when they can’t walk tomorrow! Straight after was the junior Jujitsu class where I was continually thrown around by one of the bigger lads. Great to see him working hard on perfecting his technique. Then when all the kids were gone, Sensei Andy and I went through our 35 throws. Bish, bash, bosh – job done!

  10. Great evening in the heat, is it hard to learn at any age? No, is it hard to master? This takes time and commitment, but gives its rewards. Can I do it? Everyone at the club brings you along the journey and no one is a failure.

  11. On Thursday I attended the adult session at the age of 14 and have learnt some great forms to use in the junior class and improve my throws

  12. Sparring, throwing and set techniques. What more can a girl ask for on a hot, sweaty evening?

  13. Great session drilling techniques. You know it’s been a good one when you get home and start counting your bruises! 😂


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