General Training

Training week in week out masters your techniques which can be helpful in difficult situations if there every arise.


If it’s competitions your after then we boost national & United Nations champions at Poole Ju-jitsu. Competitions are general national & international.


Training for your first grading is a daunting task but at Poole Ju-jitsu club we walk your through each step of the way

Don’t mess with us Kids!

Our juniors have the right attitude to succeed, Why not join us and help your child grow.

Testing the skills you learn.

Competing is a healthy way to improve you’re combat skills. At Poole Ju-jitsu we encourage your child to compete and improve in every part of their Ju-jitsu path.

Training on


Tuesday & Thursday from 18.15 pm till 19.30 pm

Saturdays from 10.00 am till 11.30 am


Tuesdays from 19.00 hrs till 21.00 hrs

Thursdays from 19.30hrs till 9.00 hrs

Saturdays private adults sessions, one to one’s, training for gradings etc

Next Steps…

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