Poole Ju jitsu Kobudo use traditional martial arts weapons based on the Katana, Bo staff, Nunchuku, Sai & Tonfa.

The most famous of all Samurai weaponry is the Katana, worn by Samurai in ancient feudal Japan both on the battlefield and for practicing several martial arts. Today's martial artists still use a variety of Katana in their training. Other weapons of ancient Japan, such as the Bo staff, are used for defenses. Japan's society banned people from carrying weapons and the only way farmers could protect themselves was to use farm tools/implements etc.

All Weapons classes must be pre-booked.


The training includes the traditional, practical applications of each weapon and its uses against the other weapons of the period. For example, Bo vs Sword, Sai vs Sword are all explored. This approach promotes a greater understanding of the weapon.
Ju Jitsu has its roots traced back to the Japanese Samurai who, if he lost his weapon in combat, would then resort to the unarmed self-defence techniques we learn today.

Poole Ju jitsu has specialised in martial arts since 1986 and is a leading academy for teaching Juniors & Adults.

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