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George Pearce my story

I started Ju Jitsu when I was 8 years old after trying Karate. I have used this martial art as a tool to gain the confidence; fitness and determination which has helped me achieve my academic, musical and sporting ambitions. I’ve made many, strong long-term friendships nationally and internationally through Ju Jitsu. Ju Jitsu has made me become more resilient as a person. It’s given me the confidence to face bullies, holding my own voice, being articulate in interviews, having humility and strong self-discipline.
Turning 17 and crossing over to the adult classes it’s been an amazing experience.

I am excited for the future; especially when I travel I feel this martial art will always benefit me in life and will benefit me more and more as I continue to progress.
There’s been some amazing experiences in my ju-Jitsu Career, winning a gold medal at the United Nations of Ju-jitsu in Gibraltar in October 2018.