Wendy LLewellyn

Little Warriors Instructor

Wendy is our senior coach for the Little Warriors class. She offers a clear, focused attitude to training which has given her students maturity and an inner calm.

  • Little Warriors senior instructor
  • 1st Dan Ju jitsu coach
  • Club Child Protection Officer

Inspired by her daughter who gained her 2nd Dan under Sensei Walker, Wendy first stepped onto the mat over ten years ago and has never looked back. She trains regularly at every session and assists the juniors and adults.


Wendy first brought her daughter to Ju jitsu when Poole Ju jitsu opened way back in 1997. Her daughter went on to gain her 2nd Dan under Sensei Walker. Wendy is on the freshhold of becoming the second 2nd Dan in her family.

Professional Life:

Wendy enjoys working at a school, and interacting with young children.

Weapons training


Atemi points knowledge


Ju jitsu locks


Wendy is a key member of Poole Ju jitsu and has been since 1997. She approaches everything with a positive mindset, passing on her knowledge to the juniors and adults alike.

Sensei Wendy helped guide me through to my black belt. I love her enthusiasm for teaching.

Luca InfanteMartial Artist / Film director

Working on her 2nd Dan, Wendy is running through her grading regularly and can always be found on the mat training hard.


Poole Ju jitsu has specialised in martial arts since 1986 and is a leading academy for teaching Juniors & Adults.

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