Karen Nuttall

Assitant Instructor

Karen first stepped onto the mat at the age of 42 and has never looked back. Within a year she entered her first competition and became the Bushido Female Ground Fighting Champion. Other competitions followed and she became a regular on the circuit, entering and winning medals at the Bushido National Championships, the International Ju jitsu Championships and the United Nations Championships.

  • Club Ju jitsu instructor
  • United Nations female gold medalist
  • Fitness instructor

Karen successfully gained her 1st Dan under Sensei James Pape 10th Dan & Sensei Paul Geoghegan 9th Dan in front a an impressive judging panel.


Karen is mum to two grown up children and has two young grandchildren. As well as Ju jitsu Karen is also a ladies' fitness instructor. She loves sharing her passion for the great outdoors with friends and family.

Professional Life:

Karen works for the local council supporting vulnerable children.



Ground Fighting




Karen's work ethic is second to none, she is always on the mat and pushing new boundaries. Since joining Ju jitsu Karen has become an important member of the team.

The first time I sparred with Karen she whipped my backside! I've never been hit by a woman before - or I wouldn't admit to it.

Jono RickettsMartial Artist / photograhy

When I started one to one keep fit sessions I never thought that I would end up training and successfully competing in Ju jitsu.


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