Saturday 7th September 2019 from 10.00am till 4,00pm The Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is hosting an Open day on behalf of all the martial arts & fitness clubs who are stablished at the This is the perfect time to come and explore the Martial Arts Centre and talk to our fantastic

2019 year plan

Happy new year to all. 2019 will be another busy year for Poole Bushido. The first interclub is planned for 2nd March at the martial arts centre and it is hoped that this will be an annual event with co host Rising Sun Martial arts based in Romsey. 2018 finished off with many


Ju-jitsu interclub Feb 2018 Venue - Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, Poole Semi-contact Sparring Groundfighting Continuous fighting (BJJA GB rules) Organisers - Sensei Dave Scanlan 5th Dan & Sensei Andy Walker 5th Dan More details to follow:  

The Gibraltar Ladies Self Defence team to visit Poole

Please help us and donate ☺️ The Gibraltar Ladies Self Defence team are organising an official ladies only self defence awareness and technical training course in conjunction with the Poole Ju-Jitsu and Self Defence instructors at Poole, Dorset, Great Britain. The course will consist of two days and it is designed to

Soke Robert Clarke 9th Dan

Soke Robert Clarke passed away in 2012 and was a leading authority on jujitsu and produced the WJJF syllabus, wrote a plethora of books and developed a range of videos after many years of research and development into the art.

North Baddersley Ju-jitsu course

Japanese Ju-jitsu Association  National Course 27th October 2018 This years Southern course will be run at North Baddesley Village Hall, Botley Road, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9DU.  On the 27th September 2018 opening ceremony starts at 9:45am. Please note if you have any students you wish to be graded you need to inform me before the

Halloween fancy dress training

Halloween fancy dress training Tuesday 30th October Fun & games mixed with a spicy ju-jitsu training with prizes galour. Come on down if you dare to watch the kids have fun on the mat. Starting at a chilling 6.15 pm till a scary 7.30 pm.

Ju-jitsu Competition

Course & Competition 10th November 2018 at Dronfield Sport centre, Civic centre, Dronfield S18 1PD The course will be hosted by - Sensei John Rake 8th Dan & Andy Pryce 6th Dan - Bushi Ryu Ju-jitsu. Course & competition cost £25.00 Adult course registration starts at 09.45am with a 10.00 am start of the

Guest Instructor

Thurs 4th Oct 2018 Guest Instructor Sensei David Scanlan is the Chief Instructor of Rising Sun Martial Arts. David began training in the martial arts in the 1980's starting first with Shotokan Karate. After sometime training he realised that Karate wasn't the style for him so started to explore other styles