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Guest Instructor

Thurs 4th Oct 2018
Guest Instructor
Sensei David Scanlan is the Chief Instructor of Rising Sun Martial Arts. David began training in the martial arts in the 1980’s starting first with Shotokan Karate. After sometime training he realised that Karate wasn’t the style for him so started to explore other styles and systems including Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Kickboxing, Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu.
In 1991 he got a telephone call from Sho Dai Soke Professor Martin John Rogers (9th Dan) who had heard that David was looking for an instructor. Prof. Rogers had a long call with David explaining Jujitsu to him and that week David attended his first class at the Portchester Community Centre. Within weeks David had fell in love with Jujitsu and was soon training 6 nights a week.

Since those humble beginnings David has continued to train and teach Jujitsu to the highest level possible. In the mid 1990’s David tested for his Shodan (Black Belt) grading under a grading panel consisting of senior Dan grade Jujitsuka’s and passed the 7 hour exam with flying colours. Over the next 26 years David would be tested and awarded subsequent grades.

He holds the following ranks & titles:
5th Degree Black Belt – Jujitsu 2nd Degree Black Belt – Aiki Jujitsu 1st Degree Black Belt – Self-Defence (GBASSDA) 1st Degree Black Belt – Iaijutsu (Swordsmanship) 4th Degree Black Belt – Jujitsu (BJJAGB) Title of Renshi – Polished Master Title of Soke – Head of School (Ryu) Instructor of the Year – World Kempo Arts Federation Inductee to the Black Belt Hall of Fame – World Kempo Martial Arts Renmei

David’s learning in the martial arts is something that “can never really end, because there is so much more still to learn” Throughout the years he has attended numerous seminars and courses with some of the greatest martial arts instructors from around the world including Professors Terry Parker, Martin Dixon, Russell Stuttley, Gary Gasser, Rick Moneymaker, Bernie Witcher, Steven Baker, Bryan Cheek, Allan Tattersall, Richard Morris and many many more. He has also competed in regional, national and international competition medalling frequently.

In October 2017 Sensei David inherited the title of Soke following the sad passing of Sho Dai Soke Rogers after a long and brave battle against Pulmonary Fibrosis. This made him the head of the Zen Ha Kenpo Ryu system of Jujitsu. A title he takes very seriously and with humility. David has an extensive knowledge of Japanese Jujitsu and a great passion for continuing the legacy of Professor M J Rogers. He dedicates himself to forwarding the progression of Jujitsu amongst the next generation of Jujitsuka’s and prides himself on his classes being fun, informative, fast paced and practical.

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