Bullying, There’s is no secret answer on how to deal with bullies. Telling someone about is defiantly a step in the right direction. Classmates can make fun of you because of your hair, size, or what you wear.

If you feel you can, talk to a teacher you trust or a family member. The experiences of being bullied are not pleasant,  keeping a diary can help as evidence for the future.

Don’t retaliate, you could make it worse or even be seen as a bully.
Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Be kind to yourself, and do things that make you feel good, relax, and make new friends.  You might make music; write lyrics; draw cartoons; dance; act or join a sports club.  This is your life so make sure it’s the best life possible – don’t let anyone bring you down.

Helpful numbers

Childline 0800 11 11 or visit

Domestic Violence

1.6m women experienced domestic violence

65% increase in calls to abuse helplines

Stand up to domestic violence


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