Carbon Footprint

We are a car loving nation and more than three-quarters of all vehicles carry just one person. Worryingly, our cars contribute to our greenhouse gases. To halt the trend we must start choosing smarter and more energy efficient modes of getting from A to B. At the MAFC we are wanting to do more to help protect our future.


Car sharing– a great way but sometimes impractical due to distance or time. Already embraced in some European cities, car sharing remains something of a fledgling concept in the UK; most schemes are as yet only available in major capital cities. Yet the concept is promising for short distance city travel: avoid the cost and emissions of owning your own car and instead book from a share fleet only when needed, helping reduce road and carpark congestion – and proving cheaper than taxis and Uber.

Drive less- Not always an option but planning ahead and tying to reduce short journeys can all help.

Walking or cycling – It’s a no-brainer: burning our personal energy rather than fossil fuels is the most sustainable way to get around – and good for our health and hip pockets, too. But few people regularly choose active travel, with just one in 26 people usually walking or cycling to work or study.

Poole now has beryl the cycling share scheme which enables everyone to easily access bikes across Poole and the surrounding areas for as little as £12.00 per day.

Public transport – Many public transport systems around the world, are switching to 100% renewable energy. Users of public transport often say they find services inconvenient and unreliable, or they simply don’t have access to a service at all.

Which ever mode of transport we chosen its our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Any ideas which the centre can help reduce its footprint please leave your comments below.

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