About Us

Why Choose Ju-jitsu

Choosing Ju-jitsu over other martial arts depends on the individual, But for me it was the locks, escapes, throws

Our Story

Starting in Poole some 20 years ago, PJJC has gone from strength to strength as the place in Poole for Martial arts.

Our friendly club teach traditional ju-jitsu working on syllabus training and general off syllabus techniques. the vast variety of techniques means Ju-jitsu is the best form of self defence.

Weapons Training

Traditional Ju-jitsu weapons like the infamous Samurai’s Katana. As well as the traditional Bo, Jo. Weapon katas are great for demonstrations.

At Poole Ju-jitsu club we teach defence techniques against knifes, bottles, bats/sticks etc.

Fitness Training

You don’t need to be fit, you don’t need to be strong. Getting ready for a grading or competition Ju-jitsu improves your all round general wellbeing & fitness. Ju-jitsu is great for women and children.

Meet the Team

Sensei Andy Walker

Senior instructor

Andy is a 5th Dan black belt who has been teaching Ju-jitsu for over 32 years. His success in other martial arts & competitions has made him a formidable charter around the country in martial arts.

Sensei Wendy Llewellyn

Club instructor

Wendy success at being the longest serving member at PJJC and senior instructor at the Little Warriors class making wendy the highest graded female at PJJC.

Sensei George Pearce

Club instructor

George started as a youngster and graded in 2019 at the Bushido Ju-jitsu Headquarters in Ellesmere Port. George is currently assistant instructor to the Little Warriors class.

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