2020 Year plan

PJJC year plan 2020

At the end of 2018 I wrote a year plan for 2019, and just before 2020 comes in, I’d like to put my thoughts for the forth coming year on record. 2019 was a fantastic hectic year and expect 2020 to be just as fruitful.

We hope to grow on the success of the juniors & adult’s classes with retaining the new & existing members into growing into an even bigger club for 2020.

We have a few mid to high grade juniors who potentially are looking at a junior black belt in early 2021, so by the end of the year we hope to have at least 3 juniors’ 1st Kyu brown belts.  The junior stripe belts enjoy the classes, but retention is difficult due to the length of time each junior takes to get their foot of the kyu grade ladder. The modern-day junior is often just as busy as the adults, being taken to numerous sports clubs, after school activities etc. Also, being suitability to ju-jitsu is another factor.

There is a new Little Warriors class for the 4 to 7 yr old children which was started by Sensei Wendy with the help from Sensei George Pearce & junior student “little Leon” and we hope that this class is a nursery for fully fledged junior section of Poole Ju-jitsu club.

We are starting a Sunday morning session for additional training for members, with weapons, Kata & syllabus training and hope this is a springboard for regular training for the students.

An in-house Coaching course is planned for January which is open to ages above 14 yrs and higher than Blue belts. And the development of new talent coming through is fundamental to the longevity of Poole Ju-jitsu.

The club had a few visiting instructors and 2020 we hope to invite at least four guest instructors for throughout the year, so watch this space.

The embroidered Gi’s have been successful and attire is been looked at for hoddie’s & T-shirts.  We hope to roll out a T-shirt in time for summer & hoddie’s in time for Autumn.

The Martial Arts Centre has signed a new five-year lease so the time at the centre is secure which makes growing the ju-jitsu club a big positive for the next five years.

There was a wobble in the summer with issues rising their ugly head by the Karate club at the centre and could of shook the martial arts centre to the floor, but the lease holder remained strong and resilient. So, for 2020 we hope to remain a strong force in Poole and have the next generation of ju-jitsu instructors coming through.


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  • Andy Walker

    January 13, 2020 at 9:22 am

    Straight back into the swing of things at PJJC, Busy first week back with 30 kids on the mat on Tuesday. Adults averaging 12 with sparring on Thursday. Sunday 5 members travelled to Ellesmere Port to train & review the black belt syllabus with Claudia to assist with her black belt grading.
    MAFC meeting took place with the intentions of the Ju-jitsu club becoming an external hirer of from the centre.
    The club will be looking at mid-range gradings for the next few weeks for the adults.

  • Andy WAlker

    January 24, 2020 at 6:13 pm

    With training ongoing and good solid numbers on the mat PJJC are looking forward to 2020. Claudia is working well on her grading and we hope to see Claudia wearing a black belt by March.
    Blue and purple belt gradings are on the cards for a few of the students, the quality of work on the mat by all the juniors & students has risen and is testament to the input from everyone at the club.
    The in-hose coaching course will be mid/late February and will again rise the standard of teaching at the club.

  • Andy Walker

    February 3, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    A busy couple of weeks since our last write up, and training is good with everyone working hard on syllabus Techniques and lots of students are tittering on their next belts. Additional sessions have been made available and students have taken to attending the available Sessions to bolster Success in their gradings.

  • andy Walker

    February 17, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    Training up to Half term week has been busy with good numbers.& the Focus has been on syllabus work for most. we had one junior grading who successfully passed their 9th Kyu yellow belt and the club is planning on grading dates for most of the students. For the last two weeks on a Tuesday we have been lucky to have Sensei Mark Allcock 3rd Dan from Wellspring Aikido who reside at the MAFC have been training with the ju-jitsu students which is a pleasure to have such a talented martial artist train with the adults members. Sensei Mark will be conducting a master class in two weeks and everyone is looking forward to that.
    Competition training is starting to ramp up and the club hopes to take as many students to the next big comp in May at the Kokoro Kai championships in Southend-on-sea.
    A few members have taken to cycling to the club which is helping to reduce its carbon footprint as well as reducing the number of cars at the club.


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