2019 Year Plan

October 3, 2019

Happy new year to all.

2019 will be another busy year for Poole Bushido.

The first interclub is planned for 2nd March at the martial arts centre and it is hoped that this will be an annual event with co host Rising Sun Martial arts based in Romsey.

2018 finished off with many successful gradings for the juniors and while the club is busy with juniors the plan is to grow the classes bigger and spread, potentially opening another venue at Poole High School, watch this space.

The main focus for any martial arts club is to have experienced quality students on the open stage. Coming through the ranks are three brown belts with two hopefully grading for their 1st dan black belts early in the year. At the moment the junior section of the club has one junior purple belt who should be graded later in the year to brown and 4 blue belts who again should grade late in the year for purple. The younger section of the juniors are of mixed low grades. student retention is going to be a big focus for 2019.

Two senior black belts should also be grading to 2nd dan and to keep this on track many extra training sessions are planned with external visits to other Bushido clubs as well as local ju-jitsu clubs which are the Rising Sun Martials arts club run by Sensei Dave Scanlan 5th Dan & Dorchester Ju-jitsu Club run by Sensei Kevin King 7th Dan.

Weapons training will now regularly feature every Saturday after the junior session which will be open to adults also.

New embroidered Gis are now in place at the club with Poole Ju-jitsu across the back with the Bushido logo on the front right lapel. Hoodie’s & T-shirts are been designed so hopefully these will be out before the summer.

The Bristish Ju-jitsu Championships & Kokoro Kai championship are also in the diary with other courses, seminars on the cards its going to be a busy year.

Wishing everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2019.


Training tonight- lots of juniors with a couple focusing on they gradings. Adult senior grades working on 25 throws for technical ability & skill.