Year: 2019

BUSHIDO: A Complete history of British Ju jitsu

Bushido: A Complete History of British Jujutsu reveals the untold stories behind the UK’s martial arts. Jujutsu was brought to the UK in the 1890s, the era of Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes. It was adapted by men like EW Barton-Wright for the paranoid streets of London and the violent docks of Liverpool. It was then utilised by men […]

Sensei Brian Jacks

July 9th 2018 A rare treat for the Ju-jitsu members when Olympic bronze medalist, World champion, European champion & 10th Dan Sensei Brain Jacks conducted a seminar at Poole Ju-jitsu. Brian Jacks achieved national fame for his outstanding performances on the BBC program Superstars,  all-around sports competition that pits elite athletes from different sports against one another in a series of […]