Ju Jitsu – “The Gentle Art” – an ancient Japanese form of self defence developed by Samurai warriors for the battlefield, now teaches students self discipline, respect and honour. It is a non-aggresssive method of self protection which, instead of aggression, relies on the ability of the individual to defend themselves, first by trying to defuse the situation and only if that fails to use Ju Jitsu.

History of Ju-jitsu
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Why choose Ju-jitsu

The wide range of techniques makes it the ideal martial art for self defence. It is an exciting sport, combining kicks, punches, weapons, throws, multiple attackers.

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The Ju Jitsu practised at Poole Ju Jitsu Club is based on traditional Japanese techniques. The basic principle of Ju Jitsu is to use the opponents’ force against them. Techniques include throws, locks and strikes, from a standing position and on the ground. Self defence includes disengagements, or escapes from being held forcibly by an attacker.

Ju Jitsu is widely recognised as one of the foremost forms of all self defence techniques available today. It is used by police forces and prison officers as a means of restraint.

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This is not an art which relies on repetition of Katas or Patterns but instead, teaches practical hands on techniques to defend against aggressor’s.

Affordable Gradings

The cost for gradings that either an adult or child student undertakes within Poole Ju Jitsu Club are extremely fairly priced as we believe that it shouldn’t cost the earth to be rewarded for students effort and progression.

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Paying by direct debit does not tie you into a long term contract. If you would like to know more please come to a training session where we will be happy to answer your questions.

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