Poole Ju-jitsu

Junior classes are always busy at Poole Ju-jitsu. Training three times a week the juniors love the challenge of Ju-jitsu >>>

Ju-jitsu Gi’s

At Poole Ju-jitsu we have our own Ju-jitsu gi’s, with the club badge & association embodied on tailored to carefully selected quality Gi’s >>>


Training in Ju-jitsu leads to more confidence, fitness, self-esteem and more friends. The Ju-jitsu syllabus encompasses the very >>>

Why train in Ju-jitsu

Ju-jitsu is considered as the best form of self-defence and is practiced world wide. It also features in many films due to its practical application of brilliant moves. Its also used in military, Police and corporate world.

Ju-jitsu is an old martial art from Japan derived from the Samurai warrior which developed from unarmed combat and weapon defence on the battle field.

At Poole Ju-jitsu we have had our share of success, with club champions, national champions as well as British & United Nations champions.

Whether you’re interested in competing or just looking for that fitness edge, Poole Ju-jitsu has something for you.

Classes for adults & juniors, w e also boast a fun-packed children’s programme.

Poole Ju-jitsu is a unique gym that will deliver results. Founded by Andy Walker, Ju-jitsu, Judo, Kick boxing & MMA veteran with 30 years of competitive martial arts and fitness experience, the result of a lifelong ambition and driven by the passion to not only craft the next generation of martial artists, but also to promote fitness, health and wellbeing.

As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll feel part of the team. We thrive on our friendly, personal non-intimidating atmosphere. Poole Ju-jitsu is far from your typical membership-driven gym.

As well as our nightly classes, we offer personal training and one-to-one tuition in our unique dedicated gym. So come on in and check us out.

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